The way it is

Sometimes you’ve gotta understand that people are never going to change and you’ve just gotta love them for who they are. There’s a reason they are the way they are. 😘


What I’ve dealt with at my college

I’m unable to sleep and have wanted to say something for a while so…
I understand that boys enjoy talking to other boys about women and their bodies and even think that it’s okay to say what they want to do to her psychically. I understand that’s immediately what boys think about when they see a woman. You can appreciate a woman’s beauty but if your appreciation clouds your judgement on basic respect for a person, than you are objectifying them. Boys focus on all of these physical aspects of woman but what good does that do? Obviously the approach to stop this in the past hasn’t stopped it, the approach where we make these boys feel guilty by pointing out how terrible it is…. So instead why don’t relate it to a topic everyone enjoys… Themselves. You may feel happy and content at the moment with urging women to do physical things and not wanting to settle down with someone. But, this attitude won’t be cool when everyone around you is finding god’s match for them and having kids that they watch grow up and make an impact on this world and fill their hearts with joy, while you’re at the strip club.This attitude of thinking women are at your disposal will leave you alone and the actions you thought were cool in your “college years” will be looked at as naive and downright stupid. Stop using college as an excuse to be a womanizer, just because you’re in college doesn’t mean you’re not an ADULT…it’s not cute and it won’t be cool when you’re emotionally incomplete and alone. It’s harsh but it’s true. Respect all of god’s creation in order to experience true happiness in your life. How awesome would that be? To be truly happy for the right reasons and being surrounded by people you feel loved and respected by, to me that is way more appealing than a one night stand.Something to think about.

Okay but really


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Why do guys have the balls to post pics on insta, of those inspiring quotes…like “I want a real girl” “make your girl your everything” and then they can’t even respect a good girl when they’re around them? And all they talk about is sexual stuff. It’s actually disgusting. That’s why you’re single, you can’t claim you want a real relationship when your actions say you just want to hookup. If you’re looking for the right girl to devote your time to… Don’t play girls and trick them into your little hookup game. It’s dumb, grow up.

Not to be snooty

I totally enjoy spoiling myself and taking an extra long bubble bath. Taking a night to myself to just eat whatever I want and relax. Paying a little extra for something every once in a while. It’s important to spoil yourself in moderation, that way you still appreciate what you have💗 indulge but stay humble fam. Have a great Thursday.

So much to offer

I honestly see so much potential in myself, I’m a faithful girl who treats people she cares about extremely well. I don’t understand why someone won’t take a chance on me. I’m fragile but I’m not broken. I play tough but I’m the most sensitive woman you’ll ever meet. I always get friend
zoned or worse “fuckzoned”. I just want to do something amazing for someone I care about but this shit always happens to me. I want something real. I want something real now.